Next door to Newmont’s Gold Mine is Cibolan Gold Corporation’s Independence Project

Cibolan Gold’s Independence silver and gold mining project is located next door to Newmont gold mine’s Phoenix project as well as other major producing mines.

The unique location of the Independence mine may provide additional confidence to investors because little else matters if the mine is in the wrong location. Cibolan Gold Corp. defines location using four criteria:

  1. Geology
  2. Infrastructure (roads, electricity, water and labor force)
  3. Politically-friendly
  4. Regulation-friendly

The more positive the answers to the foregoing criteria, the better chance an investor has of finding success with a junior mining project. (See Investing in Junior Gold Mining Companies)

Surrounding Mine Operations

The Independence Project is located in Lander County – in the mining
friendly state of Nevada. Cibolan Gold Corporation’ immediate neighbor
is the Phoenix Mine, which is owned and operated by Newmont Mining